I am a fiber artist I love working in wild and natural fibers as I explore textures and color. I weave products meant to be worn for extended periods of time, and not to be thrown away. Part of the experimentation is involving historic uses of plants, and the intricately woven use of fiber and plant materials in sacred female iconography, plants in mystical belief, and the elegance of ordinary sustainable functionality.

I incorporate my interest in nature and fiber into my paintings as I explore the feminine, divine, spiritual and ordinary. My abstract paintings are vividly colored and intricately woven with hidden images of faces, animals and plants. These small intricacies draw the viewer in closer, creating a kind of intimacy as they observe the micro cosmos I have created.


i close my eyes, and wish to be kinder, more compassionate, more wise, more enlightened.

but I am not.

I am a pearl in the mouth of an clam, only i haven’t started to form yet.

i am just a bit of grit.


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