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Boots or Heels?

It was a glorious autumn day.  And the dog was just as happy as me to be out in it.  We walked along the leaf strewn paths. Typical of an autumn day the sun was hot, the sky a brilliant blue and the wind cold, I alternated between hat on and hoodie zipped and hat off and hoodie unzipped.  At least twice I would swear in a court of law that the dog stopped, looked up at me and smiled the elusive and effervescent dog smile.  I walked for an hour sweaty and my breath rough in my chest and throat.  My full belief in the power of fresh air to cure my stuffy sinuses and still sensitive digestive system.  The pirate and I discussed this last night, we think something we ate last weekend may have been a culprit.

When we were at Scare-A-Cuse meeting Walter Koenig of Star Trek, and Adrienne Barbeau of many shows but my personal favorite, Carnivale, and Reggie Banister of Phantasm, we also meet two young men from Utica.  Of all the booths and vendors at the mini comic-con, the best was that of Cayo Industrial.  We partied with the two men who are the creators, in the Zombie themed after party at the Crowne Plaza, which was playing techno music along to a video homage of George Romero.  Cayo Industrial has a fantastic horror realm (haunted house) in Utica with a strong urban decay theme.  The pirate picked me up last night and we drove the hour or so to check it out.  They have three separate sections, Bio-Shock, Bio-Tech and Revelation.  The sets were incredible and the setting itself, an old factory was absolutely perfect.  We both really enjoyed it.

A quote from one of my all time favorite musicians, Tom Waits, who just released a new album:

“The only way down from the gallows is to swing. And I’ll wear boots instead of high heels. And the next stage that I am on it will have wheels.”

What a lyrical genius.

Here is to wearing boots instead of high heels.