The Void


My heart a vacuum

void of any life

cold, dark, and hollow.

My soul is empty

a hole in the universe

gravity absent.

My body broken

as it shelters in it’s place

grieving as it licks it’s wounds .

Nothing can fix this,

mirror, still water, deep thought

a useful solace.

Hard thought blended with horror

head bent in sorrow

face on bitter wall.



Stand facing to the world, child

let your fingers touch the wind

this too shall pass, breathe.

One Spirit has it in hand.

Trust that what will come, will come

let chaffe float away

dandelion seeds

Que sera sera.


Mitt Romney Shut the Hell Up

Dude, I have to tell you, you are clueless, you have no idea what it is like to be living and working in this economy.  You said you have worried about your job a couple times?  Really, because when you lose your job, you can live off the interest of your investments and still make more in a month than I do in a whole damn year.  You worried about your job once or twice in your life, dude, I am an art teacher in an elementary school, and I don’t just teach art.  I teach science, math, literacy and social studies, I buy clothes for students in need, I hug the ones that cry on my shoulder.  I send children to the non mandated social worker when I see that things at home are falling apart, sometimes I catch kids that are color blind, or have head lice, or bruises they shouldn’t.  I am not just an art teacher I am a surrogate mother, a confidant, a mentor, a disciplinarian, and the only adult in that child’s life who truly gives a damn.  Mitt Romney I worry about keeping my job every year.  I have worried about whether or not I will have a job next year every single year for the last 14 years, now I get to worry about whether or not that kid who is out at 2 in the morning gets a 2 instead of a 3 on his state exams, just add that to my list of worries.   Mitt I am a single parent, I raised my child more or less by my self, if I lose my job we both lose our healthcare.  You want to stump on and on about Barack Obama’s health care plan, just so you can win and he can lose?  Well sir, if I lose my job and my health care, would you like to tell me what exactly it is I am supposed to do for my child, who is in college and working almost full time to help pay her own bills, basically because the cost of everything from food, to gas, to health care has gone up and my salary has remained stagnant.

You have no idea what it is like to be poor, to be working class, to even so much as be middle class.  So why don’t you shut the hell up.  Please.  Talk about being rich, talk about having more money than will make in my whole lifetime, talk about what losers teachers are because we cannot teach children in this miserable failing society.  Call me a slut, call me one of those single parents who is destroying our society.  I pay my bills, I pay my taxes, I work to help the most disadvantaged in our country, and every day of my life I worry about finances, and whether or not I will have a job.  You don’t even get it, so stop pretending like you do.   You are not fooling anyone with half a brain in their heads and the rest are not smart enough to notice you aren’t bullshitting them anymore.

Thank you.