Uh Mom, I think I have a virus….

Have you ever encountered “Malware Protection”?  It is a horrible computer virus that prevents any connection to the internet, thus prohibiting downloading of any anti viral software.  I tried to download the software to my computer and then transfer via thumbdrive to my daughter’s computer.  Nope.  Couldn’t do that either for two reasons, one is that my Windows 2000, yes I did say stegosaurus, was so hopelessly outdated that I could not access any software for her Windows Vista operating system. The second reason is that the Malware virus she had blocked any uploads to her computer from an external thumbdrive, ugh.  After four yes four hours on the phone with the good people at Stopzilla, an anti virus software that I LOVE, I got the virus off her computer.  My only complaint was the one Indian guy who, after I had been disconnected from the phone and called back, made the mistake of trying to sell me another service, ah listen can we please just get on with fixing this computer, I am not buying anything else, so, just connect me to someone who can help me.  He apologized and asked me was I crying (almost but more like trying not to curse at him) and told me it was okay and he would help me, just be patient.  It wasn’t patronizing, I think he genuinely concerned that he had upset me.  Then we tried to connect to the internet wirelessly and were not able to.  Tried again the next day and then realized that the virus appears to have fried the wireless router also.

My old computer was actually at one time my ex husbands work computer.  And I rarely used it when we were together, if he was home he was on it most of the time.  I just wasn’t in the habit of using it, now of course I rarely bother with the television most of my information and media is computer generated.  I have slowly gone through my life and removed any painful reminders of my ex.  Seems the only thing I cannot seem to shake is his girlfriend (my daughter thinks she is stalking me) and the constant reminders on the computer.  It was actually emotionally painful, as though it was my only interaction with him was to see his title and ownership of this or that, the car, the computer files, the wireless router, the whatever.  Particularly considering I basically was the one paying for most of it.

I guess to make a long story short I bought a small efficient laptop that is silver with textured and swirling racing stripes and a new sleek and sexy wireless router. Yes I said sleek and sexy.  It is very sexy rarr! Now when I log in with my NOOK, I see my name, not his, also the files on the new computer everything will be completely and utterly in my name.  He is not associated with it in any way.  It feels like a freedom.  But wow what a mess I found when I started unplugging everything!  Power strips plugged into power strips, a mess of wires that was outrageous.  I realized that by unplugging all the various little things he had patched here and there that my electric bill will undoubtedly go down probably 20-25 bucks a month.  I am still not done with cleaning up and organizing my little workroom, sewing room, office, but already it feels better in here, cleaner, roomier.  It was 87 degrees today and this room is quite comfortable, typically with the computer and all the flashing and power on accessories this room was like a sweat shop on days like today.  I reduced THREE overloaded power strips down to two, one of which is just for the sewing machine and a lamp.  The other power strip actually has outlets to spare!

I held onto this thing, this old dinosaur of the computer because I thought I needed it, because I didn’t think I could get this new thing, because I thought I would just make do with what I had, but when I finally replaced it, I found that what had been there was a hot mess, cobbled together in a fashion that was irresponsible, expensive.  What is left behind is a cleaner, more workable place to express my creativity.  I took this problem and made it into something better.

So much better.

One thought on “Uh Mom, I think I have a virus….

  1. Good for u Meggy…………..I had that malware virus and it’s a pistol…..Chip also had it. Thanks to Glenn, I now have malwarebytes protection installed, but had to erase everything on my computer to get rid of the virus, go back to HP tech support and reload all my programs into the computer. Best of all, my virus and malware protections are FREE. Remember to update the malware thingy frequently….it doesn’t remind you nor do it automatically. Love ya

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